Unique wine and food lover gift ideas

Gifts for food and wine loversEach year, unique wine and food lover gift ideas are hard to come by. The cabinets of your foodie family and friends are already stuffed to the ceiling with glasses, random gadgets, and other sometimes-drawer-filling items. Maybe you seek something a little out of the ordinary yet perhaps a little useful for your friends and family? Check these unique wine and food lover gift ideas:

Gifts for Food Lovers

  • For the cooking man on your list: Mantry. Curated monthly delivery of food items, designed for a man. Yep. $75 – $450.
  • Fermentation Crock to make gut-healing fermented food and beverages. Yes, that would definitely be different, yet hip in many ways. Fermenting is all the rage. $28.
  • Eco-friendly and attractive, what could be more appropriate for the home cook? A bamboo salad bowl with servers. $32.
  • Spice Mixes: Savory Spice Shop is a small, franchised spice company and they have a local shop where I live. Super high quality. These are a few of their blends I love: Cajun Style Blackening Seasoning, Vindaloo, Mapuche Style Merken Seasoning, and Tikka Masala. They also have have a seasoning of the month club for $79. $3.45 – $13
  • Kyocera Ceramic Knife Set of Two. I use my ceramic knife everyday (literally) and should you really want to spread the love, give them something they use a lot. $80.
  • For the eco-conscious or food-growing gardener, a counter top compost bin. $20.

Gifts for Wine Lovers

  • Cool food and wine lover gift idea: Animal Head PourersSure, they may have a couple of decanters but they likely don’t have this funky cool Twist Decanter. $45.
  • For the wine geek who may have everything… these will make someone laugh. And definitely a unique wine and food lover gift: Animal head wine pourer (9 to choose from). $27.
  • For the frequent entertainer who may have wine charms but never uses them. The easier way: wine glass marking pens. $10.
  • For the picnicker or festival goer, poke this Bamboo Picnic Table into the ground and voila, a table is born. $22.
  • Have someone who adores older wines but doesn’t want to open them? The Coravin wine system allows you to sample wine without removing the cork. It’s truly what all the wine pros somms are using right now. $300.
  • Does your wine lover friend or family bike? They may need this bike wine rack for picnics. $34.
Cool food and wine lover gift idea: Bike wine rack
Cool food and wine lover gift idea: Bike wine rack

Other Cool Gifts for Coffee Junkies and Home Mixologists

  • The budding bartender just might enjoy a bottle of Absinthe. Ooh… foreboding, huh? This anise-flavored liqueur doesn’t make you crazy, just a tasteful gift giver.
  • This gift of Absinthe could accompany the book, The Drunken Botanist, which educates on the origins of all sorts of giggles juices.
  • Although the coffee snob person on your list might have a lot of accoutrement, do they have a hand-crank, ceramic coffee mill? $28.


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