Wine and Cheese pairing: Bleu d’Auvergne and French Malbec

Bleu d'AuvergneThis cheese is paired with Clos la Coutale 2007 Cahors

I have been a fan of Malbec for a while, usually from Argentina. But I like French Malbecs from Cahors a lot. I think Bleu d’Auvergne would be an ideal match. This is a cow’s milk blue cheese from Auvergne region in France, just north and east of where Clos la Coutale is made. When Taylor said the wine was “hearty,” I immediately thought of a blue cheese.  The cheese has a good bit of flavor; it’ll stand up to the boldness of the wine.

Being a big cheese, it will still have a broad flavor profile — you can taste herbs, grass and cave flavors. It comes wrapped in foil and look for a very moist slice — this shows it has been handled and cared for well. This is one of the cheeses you must serve at room temperature to get the most pleasing flavors. I recently took a trip to Woodstock NY, and this song should be the perfect match for this wine and cheese combo.

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