Wine and cheese pairing: Franklin’s Teleme and sauvignon blanc

franklin's telemeFranklin’s Teleme – a tasty-soft, delicious, semi-soft, one-of-a-kind cheese, and a California original! Handmade by third generation cheesemaker Franklin Peluso in San Luis Obispo along the central coast at Cal-Poly, this cow’s milk cheese is dusted with rice flour which helps develop the rind and gives it an interesting day-glow green/yellow tint. When young, Teleme is a subtle cheese, with mineral notes and a slight chalkiness, great with not-so-sweet sauvignon blanc. But as it ages its becomes more full-flavored. The Peluso family has been making this one cheese for over 100 years and they are the living history of cheesemaking in California. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Franklin’s father and it’s easy to see where Franklin gets his passion for making this unique, super high-quality cheese.

Read more about this dairy’s history and their cheese here.

Pair Franklin’s Teleme with Cupcake 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

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