Wine and cheese pairing: Juicy Australian Shiraz and Crave Brothers Les Frères

Crave Brother Les FreresI’m a big fan of Shiraz! I love the fruit and wood that rounds out the wine and Crave Brothers Les Frères cheese is a fantastic compliment. This farmstead cheese is a washed-rind, cow’s milk cheese made just northeast of Madison, Wisconsin. It has a rich, full flavor and a slightly creamy texture — the flavor gets bigger as it ripens. This is one of those cheeses that you really want to eat at room temperature to fully enjoy it.

It has heady grass aromas, a slight wet leaf flavor — very earthy. Although it’s sold in a small 8-ounce size and a two pound wheel, go with the bigger version; it ages and develops a better flavor for my dollar. And, yes, the Crave Brothers exist — four of them are part of the dairy and cheese company.

While I was sampling this combo, I came across some great Madison music from Locksley. They make you want to party. Add wine and cheese and you are set.

Want to buy this cheese? It’s available online.

Pair this cheese with rich and delicious Dead Letter Office Shiraz from Henry’s Drive Winery.

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