Wine and cheese pairing: Le Chevrot and gruner veltliner

le chevrotUnder-appreciated wine and under-appreciated cheese, so let’s fix that. Le Chevrot is a goat milk cheese that’s easily found in most cheese shops, and its simple, plainness is often overlooked. But underneath this wrinkly rind hides pure, white goat cheese goodness. It’s pasteurized, small in size, and just shy of 8-ounces with a pleasant nose. When younger, its consistency is flaky and has flavors of mineral, herbs and a slight sweetness.

As it ages, if properly cared for, it will become creamier and bigger in flavor, developing a more robust and tangy flavor. I’ve been a fan of this cheese for several years, since it’s consistent, usually found at a modest price, and always a crowd-pleaser. With a wine like this grüner veltliner, try to find a young Le Chevrot. The lower acidity of the wine will compliment the minerality of the cheese, and the modest alcohol level makes this a great spring-summer combination. Strange as this sounds, this combo was much better as I listened to Wedding Vows in Vegas, by Was not Was. No… really.

Pair this cheese with Laurez V Grüner Veltliner

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  1. Sounds wonderful… can’t wait to give it try!


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