Wine industry news, tidbits and helpful hints

The News, Pretty and Not

  • Donald Trump gets into the wine business, buying Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyards in Virginia. He bought the place April for 6.2 million at a foreclosure auction, reports the Washington Post. The Kluge website still says the place is temporarily closed, so he hasn’t done much yet, except state he’s keeping the former owners on as managers.
  • Family-owned Seghesio Vineyards sells to semi-corporate entity. Does this spell good or bad things for the family?
  • Experimental wine vending machines in Pennsylvania are already yanked off the market in a major grocery store chain. We hoped that buying wine like Coke might prove successful, but grocery store Wegman’s pulled the forward-thinking machines from their floor, citing customer complaints and problems.
  • What President Obama sipped during his recent visit to Buckingham Palace. Not a California wine in sight, but there was some English sparkling wine

The Wacky

  • One bottle of Burgundy wine sells for $123,000 at Christie’s Auction house. Read it and think about all the ways you could spend that money better.
  • A dentist in Texas, in an effort to lull his patients into quiet comfort, now offers wine or beer when they arrive. More on this.
  • P Diddy recently hired an etiquette expert to teach his staff at Bad Boy Records how to hold a wine glass, as well as other table manners. More in the NY Post

The Helpful


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