Wine news, Prohibition documentary and California grape harvest 2011

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An update about what’s going on in the business of wine, consumer choices and stuff you should know about.

Fight Your Rights

HR 1161, a bill written by beer distributors, would eliminate a consumer’s right to direct-ship alcohol to his/her door, now has 100 supporters in Congress. Not to fan the flames of controversy, this bill particularly irks me now that I work for a winery.  Small, family-owned wineries would be particularly hurt by the bill since so much of their living is made with direct-to-your-door sales.

TV You Shouldn’t Miss

I watched Ken Burn’s Prohibition documentary series on PBS. So rich with content and intellectual discourse (but not in a preachy way), it’s absolutely worth watching how this failed experiment reached far and wide to screw so many things in this country. You can still see it streamed on

California Harvest 2011

How about this new-fangled method to dry out soggy grapes after the rains in Napa: by helicopter. Talk about a carbon footprint… Read more.


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