Wine review: Argento 2010 Malbec Mendoza

2010 Argento MalbecMalbec is like the the golden retriever of wines — everyone loves its soft, cozy friendliness. It’s grown around the world but Argentina’s Mendoza region owns this dogged grape variety and it’s rare that I’ve consumed a Malbec that was absolutely disgusting — can’t say the same for Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. This country simply keeps producing great, everyday drinking Malbecs.(Read more about their rise to Malbec dominance)

This was first time I tried a wine from Argento, a winery with a very sophisticated website sporting videos, tweets and a blog that also talks about travel in their country. Impressive.  Almost too sleek, but can’t blame them for keeping up with the California Joneses.

The 2010 Argento Malbec starts off with a dark, rich, elegant swath of blackberry and black cherry that leads into strong-brewed tea, cocoa, plum and soft vanilla. It’s classic Malbec flavors and body with well-tamed, silky tannins and balanced acidity. Can’t say it’s earth-moving but for $12, it’s a downright decent bottle of everyday wine.

Sweetness: 2 out of 10
Price: $10 – $14
Occasion: Sample sent by the winery and consumed with a lightly-seasoned grilled, grass-fed ribeye.
Availability: Big box retailers and grocery stores.
Food pairing: Grilled or broiled beef, Cuban Picadillo, BBQ Rubbed Pork Chops


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