Wine review: Buried Cane 2007 Riesling Washington

buried cane rieslingSo this might be one of the times you can accuse riesling of being sweet. Not cloying and sugary, but sweet like being kissed lightly on the cheek and offering you a gourmet meal. The good kind of sweet.

Buried Cane, an affordable line of wines from Washington State, is virtually unknown but it’s slowly making its way through the maze of wholesalers throughout the country. A PR friend introduced them to me and I’ve loved every single wine I’ve opened from them (they’re all screwcaps too, so it was easy). If you run across the syrah — which apparently isn’t available in Florida, much to my chagrin — buy it… it’s pretty frickin’ incredible for the price ($15).

The riesling has everything you’d want and expect: peaches, diesel fuel, apricots, and a crisp, green apple finish. But there’s also an elegance… a smooth fruitiness that’s kinda soft and fluffy. Very drinkable with Asian food and spicy anything.

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Sweetness: 3 out of 10
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
: $14 -$16
: This was a sample bottle sent from a wine PR company. Enjoyed with chicken stir fry, heavy on the soy sauce.
Availability: Fine wine shops
Locally in Tampa Bay at Ed’s Fine Wines in Clearwater.


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