Wine review: J Lohr Gesture RVG Paso Robles

J Lohr RVG GestureI visited J Lohr ages ago, wide-eyed and somewhat new to California wine (I studied wine in Europe first then learned domestic grogs). The tour was lengthy, the hospitality warm and the wine impressive. I don’t remember a Rhône program there but that’s because it wasn’t until a few years later that they started down that road. A nice journey it has been. I lean more towards their Rhône whites — Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier — than their reds. The Syrahs are over-oaked for my palate but some people love that.

The J Lohr Gesture is a lovely, lively blend of Roussanne (48%), Grenache Blanc (36%) and Viognier (16%). With a flowery nose wafting from the glass, it’s soft and luscious on the tongue, featuring peaches, apricots, ripe pear and dried herbs. A slight honeyed sweetness doesn’t overwhelm the senses, only caresses them more. Not a fruit bomb at all — it’s well balanced with acids, finishing with a crisp steeliness and citrus.

Fruit is sourced from warm climate Paso Robles during the beautiful vintage year of 2013, and from J Lohr’s own vineyards. Only boasts 433 cases produced so you won’t find this on store shelves but you can buy it directly from the winery here.

Sweetness: 2 out of 10
Price: $35
Occasion: Sample sent from winery and enjoyed with Red Curry Fish
Availability: Direct only
Food Pairings: Sushi, spicy Indian fare, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, or with simple appetizers like prosciutto and other cured meats

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