Wine review: Luchador 2007 Shiraz South Australia

luchadorI’d heard rumors about this wine before encountering it in my glass. Shazam, this is a BIG wine. Concentrated and inky (almost opaque) like a cup of espresso, except made with grapes. I think.

This wine from R Wine is imported by the Grateful Palate, which recently declared bankruptcy (kinda…see comment below) in Australia and is in play, so if you like this kind of wine, buy it now ’cause who knows what will happen?

Like many Barossa Shiraz, it’s mega full bodied and chock full o’ dark blueberry, blackberry and black cherries. In fact, it tastes like an espresso-soaked blueberry muffin. But less sweet. Fairly easy-going tannins and a slight hint of well integrated oakiness (American oak). Thick, rich and quite delicious if you like to be dominated by your wine. And “luchador” translates to a Mexican wrestler… the guy on this label looks like he’s up for a little mat slamming domination.

Sweetness: 2 out of 10
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
: $15- $18
Occasion: Tasted a sample sent to me by the importer
Food pairing: Root beer glazed beef spareribs, black pepper crusted sirloin
Availability: At fine wines shops.
Find it locally in Tampa Bay (and elsewhere if you can order online) at


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  1. Well, some of the rumors are true, specifically meaning that Luchador Shiraz will body slam your palate. But not to worry, Grateful Palate is working through some reorganization on the production side, and the wonderful array of brands, including Luchador, will remain under the careful eye of winemaker Chris Ringland and ringmaster Dan Philips. Luchador Wines are on Facebook, so you can friend and keep up with the news there. It’s true there are some great deals on many Aussie wines right now, including terrific selections from the Grateful Palate portfolio, but no one’s going away. In many ways, GP is still (and always) arriving. Check them out at


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