Wine review: Quivira 2008 Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley

When I visited the biodynamically-farmed Quivira Vineyards in Sonoma County a few years ago, I was pretty awed with everything they produced. (What’s biodynamic?) I’m not sure if it was the depth of the rich, red wines or the romantically holistic treatment of the land, but I still get a little tingly when I taste their wines. Frankly, everyone should try their stuff. They have a new winemaker now (Hugh Chapelle, hired in 2010) so I’m hoping he doesn’t kill the mojo.

Dry Creek Valley grows some of the best Zinfandel in California and Quivira lies in the middle of it all. They don’t make a wimpy, sweet version of this grape, which seems to be the trend nowadays, but stay with a powerful expression of dark fruit like blackberry and plum, spicy black pepper and mild tannins. It finishes with a flourish of vanilla oak and tart acidity. Quite lovely and weighs in at surprisingly well-balanced 14.8% alcohol.

Sweetness: 2 out of 10
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
Price: $20
Occasion: Tasted a sample sent from the winery.
Availability: At high end restaurants and retailers or shop online.
Food pairing: I love Zinfandel with spicy barbecue, sausage pizza and Beehive Buzzed cheese.


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