Wine review: Wallace Brook 2008 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

wallace-brook-pinotThis second label, brought to us by the famed Adelsheim Vineyard in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, couldn’t be better. Most of the time, a second label is where a winery hides their lesser grapes — those that didn’t make the cut for the flagship bottling, especially during years when they can’t seem to sell them (and legally tie up the buyer in non-disclosure agreements). But that’s not how David Adelsheim does things, at least not for this wine. Wallace Brook has been produced from time to time over the past 20 years or so, during vintages that allowed a high quality pinot noir or gris at an affordable price. 2008 was one of those happy times.

This sexy little pinot noir has everything I seek from this magnificent grape: raspberry, blueberry, bright cherry, a slight earthiness, supple tannins and bracing acidity. I can drink a lot of this pinot and never tire of it. Quite perfect in every way, especially its fantastic price. Served slightly chilled.

: 1 out of 10
5 stars
: $18- $22
: Tasted blind at a wine professional’s tasting
Food pairing
: Broiled salmon with a mushroom sauce, grilled portabello mushrooms
: High-end wine shops and some big box retailers.
Locally available in Tampa Bay at B-21 Wine Fines and Spirits.



  1. David & Karen Cross

    Hi Taylor, The B-21 website is really great. Is that the only store in the area where the Wallace Brook Pinot can be found?

    I may have to go over to Tarpon.

  2. I saw it in Total Wine but I think they might be sold out. B-21 has it in stock.

  3. Bought the last bottle of Wallace Brook at B-21 yesterday.

  4. Lucky man!


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