Wine review: Darcie Kent 2007 Pinot Noir Monterey

(Last Updated On: 12/09/2017)

My first time tasting this brand, a super small production winery that focuses on single-vineyard production wines from around California. Austere and food-friendly, you can’t call this “fruit forward” since it doesn’t bowl you over with its berryness. It’s subtle and shy with cranberry, red cherry, plum and slight earthiness with a refreshing backbone of vibrant acidity that helps it make friends with all sorts of food (including cheeses like Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor). Well done.

: 1 out of 10
Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Price: $24
Occasion: Tasted at a wine dinner in Tampa, Florida. (Cafe Dufrain)
Availability: Buy it online but you might find some in the marketplace.
Food pairing: Had it with Pork Trotter Ravioli, but would be marvelous with wild mushroom soup or anything with roasted eggplant.

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