Wine review: La Craie 2009 Vouvray

(Last Updated On: 02/10/2018)

Vouvray, probably the most well known wine in Loire Valley, is made from Chenin Blanc grapes, and is something of a chameleon; it can be dry, somewhat sweet, or really sweet. (Read more about Chenin Blanc). But Vouvray is always soft and drinkable and rarely bone dry. Full-bodied and elegant, La Craie Vouvray explodes with fragrant fruit: peaches and apricots drizzled with honey, earthy chamomile. It has a burst of sweetness on the tongue but finishes dry and luscious. The best of both worlds. Quite perfect for the palate that needs a ‘lil sugar to enjoy wine.

Sweetness: 4 out of 10
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
Price: $20
Occasion: Tasted at a wine bar in Tampa, Florida.
Availability: High end wine shops.

Food pairing: Blue cheeses, grilled duck breast with apricot sauce, foie gras.

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1 comment to Wine review: La Craie 2009 Vouvray

  • rishi ramkissoon

    Before I discovered reds I was a Vourvray whore; I think I will reconnect with the old “me”

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