Winemakers’ opinion: What foods pair with Zinfandel wine? (video)

I went to the Zinfandel Advocates and Producers Festival in San Francisco with one mission: to find out, once and for all, what food pairs with Zinfandel from the people who make the juice. This grapes is often low in tannins and acidity with a reputation for hefty alcohol… what would these winemakers say? I got the goods from nine winemakers and principals, from producers large and small (but mostly small). The answers might surprise you…

Many thanks to:

Morgan Twain-Peterson, Bedrock Wine Co.
Kent Rosenblum, Rock Wall Wine Company
William Knuttel, Ottimino
Tim MacDonald, Deep Purple Wines
Jake Bilbro, Limerick Lane Cellars
Betsy Nachbaur, Acorn Winery
Michael Lancaster, Tin Barn Vineyards
Julie Johnson, Tres Sabores
Rolf Leitvogel, Blaauwklippen (South African Zin producer)

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