Worst wines I’ve tasted this month

Human nature dictates that wine writers prefer to write about the happy experiences we’ve had with wine. So rarely does someone come right out and slam a bottle up against harsh words. I mean, a human being with feelings made it right? (One would hope.) Sure, the fancy wine magazines may not care about the fluffy emotional stuff, but I do. I also realize my taste may not jive with yours. But when an entire room of people tasting a wine blind (brown-bagged) declare a wine tastes/smells like urinal cake, cat pee or funky feet, I feel compelled to say something. And, yes this did happen. So I share some of the worst wines I’ve tasted to ward off a mouth full of bathroom flavors.

Souverain 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Alexander Valley
This is a good region for Sauvignon Blanc so I’m not sure how they messed this one up. It started with peaches but then launched into soap, urinal cake and cat pee. Three things I’d prefer to not have in my glass. Would you? I think not.

Souverain 2007 Merlot Alexander Valley
When this wine was revealed, I almost gasped. First with the urinal cake Sauvignon Blanc and now with dirty, funky cough syrup? It disturbed me so much, I researched to see if their winemaker had changed. Nope. What’s going on over there, Souverain people?

Cellar #8 2009 Pinot Grigio
When they first launched this brand, it was pretty tasty so I don’t know what happened. I could spend the time researching why the majority of their wines now suck, but why bother? They just do… and it’s not like my saying this will make them change their sucky ways. At the blind tasting, phrases like flew around: “the invertebrate of wine: no backbone” and “if I was thirsty and didn’t want to drink water, I might reach for this wine” and “flat Perrier”. I think I’ve said enough.

Montes 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Classic Series
I can pretty much smell Chilean wines a mile away, except when they’re well-made enough to remove the green pepper stink so prevalent in that neck of the woods. This Cabernet had that and another bag of dirty, pine-y tinged fruit. Bleech.



  1. urinal cake? nice one.
    a’wonderin’ what that is though, exactly!

  2. I believe it’s the chemical “cake” that they put in urinals to cut down on the smell and to disinfect. Yes… very nasty.

  3. Mary, I’m so h a p p y to be able to read your stuff again. LOVED the “slam a bottle up against harsh words” !!

  4. Thanks Julie!

  5. Please! More articles like this. Any wasted money at the wine store would be greatly appreciated!


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