Zin love again: Folie a Deux 2009 Zinfandel wine review

FFolie a Deux 2009 Zinfandelolie à Deux (pronounced “folee ah duh” and translates to “folly of two people”) is one of the bigger success stories in the wine biz. Their sister label Menage à Trois sells like sex on a street corner mainly because it’s sweet, juicy and, well, the name is enticing. I doubt anyone at that winery wonders if sex sells.

The Folie à Deux wine labels show a more serious wine side to them, with their Cabernet Sauvignon fruit coming from Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley and their Dry Creek Valley, which this little drinkable Zin gem hails from. Dry Creek is a neighboring wine region to where I live, and the Zinfandel grape thrives where summer highs can be 8-10 degrees warmer than 20 minutes south in the Russian River Valley. That was something I had to get used to when I moved here. This fruit-forward, low tannin wine has captured my attention for years and I used to drink them more often until their alcohol levels practically morphed into 16% rubbing alcohol.

But the Folie à Deux 2009 Zinfandel isn’t too hefty at 14.5%. Rich, flirty and full of personality, this wine opens up and shares its soul after about 30 minutes in the glass. Classic flavors of plum, blackberry, dusty cherry and dried, earthy tobacco present themselves with a smile. It’s not overly complex or reading Kafka, but for the money, it’s a solid red Zinfandel wine. It’s also blended with 10% Petite Sirah to give it more oomph.

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Sweetness: 2 out of 10
Price: $16 -$22
Alcohol level: 14.5%
Occasion: A gift from a friend and tasted with food
Availability: Big box wine stores across the country and on the Folie à Deux website.
Food pairing: Barbecue, burgers, Black Bean Soup, or Barbecue Rubbed Pork Chops

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