Zonin Prosecco

This season, behemoth Italian wine producer/importer Zonin has put a ton of money into promoting this Italian sparkling wine, driving its sales up and the public’s awareness of a Champagne alternative. They tout the “Italian lifestyle” and educate us about Prosecco: How its made, the Prosecco grape, how it pairs with all sorts of food. Which is good, since it’s true. Normally, I’m suspect of heavy marketing spending, but, for between $12-$15, this stuff is pretty darn tasty.VERY different from bubblies made from chardonnay and pinot noir grapes —  it’s lighter and often earthier.

Zonin Prosecco smells floral and has a bit of funk but it tastes not too dry, simple, light and a bit rustic with lemon and green apple. Sw=1. 3 stars.


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